W. Rostow, new values off monetary progress is: a beneficial

To increase financial development the government is probably in order to: a) Raise rates b) Boost income tax pricing c) Bring bonuses to blow d) Offer bonuses to keep Address: C 50. Financial progress is seen because of the an outward shift out-of: a) The supply Options Frontier b) The newest Gross Residential Burden c) Brand new Limited Consumption Boundary d) The minimum Productive Scale Respond to: A 51. Several b. Around three c. Four d. Four Address: D 52. All underdeveloped economies suffer from ____ that do not let the rate of growth increase of a lesser height. High population pressures b. Higher baby death c. Hugh monetary mismanagement d. High-level out-of technical unemployment Answer: A beneficial 53.

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The thought of monetary gains is: a great. Similar into thought of economic innovation b. Narrower as compared to idea of financial development c. Unrelated towards thought of financial advancement Address: B 54. The speed regarding development of a discount generally is dependent upon: good. The speed away from development of the labor force b. The brand new proportion of federal income spared and you will invested c. The speed from technical developments d. Most of the above Address: D 55. The stationary condition because the envisaged of the Adam Smith, was designated by the: a beneficial. Low-rate out of cash b. Subsistence peak wages c. Higher rents d. Every over Respond to: D 56. Who put forward the theory out-of social dualism? A.Lewis b.

G.Myrdal c. J.H. Boeke d. A.O. Hirshman Answer: C 57. Exactly who created the term ‘trial effect’? W.W. Rostow b. James Duessenberry c. R.Nurkse d. J.K. Galbraith Respond to: B 58. Jobless developed by some much time-identity change in request otherwise scientific requirements during the a savings are also known as: an excellent. Frictional unemployment b. Cyclic un-work c. Architectural jobless d. Disguised jobless Answer: C 59. Exactly how many values of monetary development have been laid out and you can analysed by Rostow and this all economic climates are meant to move across regarding span of its invention? 7 b. Five c. Four d. Around three Respond to: B 60. New ‘big-push’ means away from development was first recommended of the: an effective. Paul Letter-Rosenstein-Rodan b. Simon Kuznets c. W.Good, Lewis d. A good.O. Hirshman Address: A beneficial 61. Which development design driven the application of financing-efficiency ratio to own creativity planning?

Brand new Harrod-Domar design b. Solow’s model c. Kaldor’s model d. Feldman’s design Respond to: Good 62. Due to the fact an aid so you can innovation planning, far have fun with is made today of enter in-yields studies. Which first tried it? H. Liebenstein b. W.W. Leontief c. W.A beneficial. Lewis d. A.O. Hirshman Address: B 63. Balanced growth indicates: a good. Simultaneous growth of different products, and therefore help one another b. Equal allocation out-of information to several sectors c. Additional sectors growing from the their pure rates off gains d. Uniform rate of growth away from output throughout the years Respond to: C 64. Innovation with limitless provides regarding work theory try conceived by: an excellent. Gustav Ranis b. W.Good. Lewis c. Roentgen. Nurkse d. J.Schumpeter Respond to: https://datingranking.net/nl/down-dating-overzicht/ B 65. Hence of after the is not accurately paired?

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Big-push method: Paul Letter. Rosenstein- Rodan b. Well-balanced progress concept: R. Nurkse c. Creativity having unlimited offers of labour: A-0. Hirschman d. Critical minimal strategy: Prof. Harvey Leibenstein Answer: C 66. That have monetary development, the newest ratio off labour-push involved with agriculture: an effective. Grows b. Minimizes c. Remains unaffected d. Changes in an unclear fashion Answer: B 67. Which of the after the got a central place by Schumpeter within his theory from creativity? Money buildup b. Character of your Bodies c. Requirement for well-balanced increases d. Part regarding designs Respond to: D 68. In which of the pursuing the kinds of dualism is actually H. Myint instance for the? Technological dualism b. Geographical dualism c. Monetary dualism d. Social dualism Answer: C 69. Another stage of one’s idea regarding market transition is characterised by: an excellent.