Reasonable Work Requirements Operate – Whenever fulfilling and you can education big date is recognized as times spent some time working

Once we talked about in earlier times inside our “FLSA – Days Worked” collection, discover points when it are undecided whether a keen employee’s time will likely be measured while the period worked for reason for minimal wage and you will overtime criteria established on Reasonable Work Conditions Work (FLSA). Perhaps one of the most prominent facts if this concern comes up is actually whenever teams participate in conferences, meetings, lectures, or education.

Considering laws and regulations, an employee’s date planning a meeting, seminar, lecture, or studies should be counted due to the fact era worked until it suits all of five conditions:

  • brand new attendance is outside the employee’s typical operating times;
  • the fresh attendance is truly voluntary;
  • the brand new conference, summit, lecture, otherwise training is not individually about new employee’s business; and you will
  • brand new staff cannot manage energetic performs while attending the latest conference, convention, lecture, or training.

When the each of these five criteria was came across, new employer doesn’t need to number new employee’s go out gonna a meeting, convention, lecture, or degree while the hours did.

Volunteer Attendance

Attendance is clearly voluntary if the worker would not sustain any negative a job action if she or he didn’t want. 29 CFR Negative a job steps are, but are not limited to, launch, punishment, death of pay, denial from a wage raise, loss of campaign or any other possibility, or loss of jobs commitments. In case the boss do impose all foregoing otherwise any almost every other bad strategies if your employee does not attend, the new attendance is not voluntary.

Knowledge yourself associated with an employee’s job

Even the toughest of the five factors understand is actually the requirement the meeting, seminar, lecture, otherwise training feel not related on employee’s job. This does not mean that meeting, seminar, lecture, otherwise education cannot be jobs associated any way. Rather, it requisite try brought particularly into the occupations requirements currently performed by personnel. 31 CFR In other words, in case your meeting, seminar, lecture, otherwise training is intended to boost the staff do their otherwise this lady current occupations requirements better, committed are measured due to the fact times did. When the concurrently, the fresh staff member intentions to discover a new otherwise additional skills, the amount of time would not be counted as the instances worked, just in case additional three standards was in fact plus found.

New rules note a couple exceptions so you can its in person-related requirement. Basic, a manager does not need to number a keen employee’s day likely to a meeting, convention, lecture, otherwise knowledge if the employee’s decision to attend is actually independent regarding any find, compelling, or support regarding their workplace. 30 CFR . Eg, should your employee completes online studies at your home after finishing up work established entirely on her behalf own step, the fresh new boss does not need to number the time while the circumstances did although it is directly associated with this lady work. Second, there are special times when the new relatedness of your own meeting, convention, lecture, or training is not associated. 31 CFR . This new example provided by brand new regulations is when an employer establishes a course out-of education toward advantage of its employees one to matches which have a course supplied by a different bona-fide institution out-of studying. So long as attendance are volunteer, the employer does not need to count an employee’s go out planning to eg a meeting whether or not it is in person related to its occupations.


As well as rise above the crowd, there is generally a presumption that point invested from the professionals attending meetings, conferences, lectures, and you will studies pertaining to functions would be counted due to the fact occasions did having reason for minimum wage and you may overtime under the FLSA. Yet not, the brand new expectation might be beat in the event the four conditions chatted about over try came across. When you’re unclear whether or not appointment, convention, lecture, or knowledge day can be compensated, it may be value consulting with a legal professional which focuses on a job laws to quit otherwise limitation responsibility.

* States have her minimum wage and you can overtime guidelines, in addition to their own standards to possess when an employee need to be paid down to have fulfilling, convention, lecture, or degree day. Companies must implement the latest federal or condition minimum and you may overtime legislation that provides personnel a experts. For more information on condition minimum-wage and you can overtime laws and regulations, check out our very own pages on minimum-wage and you will overtime.